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My Adventure

Behind the Lens

I have had a long standing passion for Film and Photography from a young age, creating home made films with friends and documenting my family's outings since the age of 10. This step into the creative world of film led me in my studies, making every step count towards my ambition to have a career in Film and Photography.


After finishing sixth form my journey took me to London South Bank university where I studied Film Practice (graduating in 2018). This course taught me vital theoretical knowledge whilst also giving me the space and freedom to apply this to my films: Lighting, framing, camera movement and narrative.


I worked as a videographer for big car brands including Peugeot, Citroen and Alfa Romeo to name a few for two years, gaining industry experience. I now strive for a life full of adventure and creativity, travelling the world to capture the most inspiring stories and visuals I can.

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